Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback about the IP Awareness Assessment program.

Your feedback will enable us in improving the assessment program and making it more useful to you.
1. Did the questions in the assessment help you understand the importance of IP to your business?
2. Will you like us to add more questions to various categories? Please identify the category and specific topic?

3. Were questions clear and easy to understand?

4. If the answer to the question 3 is "No," please identify the category(s) and the question(s) and provide any suggestions.

5. Did the training material increase your general awareness about IP?

6. Was the format and the content of the training material easy to understand?

7. If the answer to question 6 is "No," please identify the training material and provide any suggestions.

8. Please provide any other feedback about the overall content, format or functionality of the IP Assessment Test and the associated training material.

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