Since you indicated you do not currently create, use and/or sell or plan to create, use and/or sell any products or services, you do not have any potential IP assets and you will skip the IP assessment.

If you think you made an error in answering “no”, please return to pre-assessment. Make sure to answer “yes” to the first question to complete the pre-assessment.

If you think you correctly answered the first question and do not have IP assets, visit Basic Facts About IP to learn about potential IP assets and how to protect them.

After learning about IP, if you think you might have potential IP assets, return to the IP Awareness Assessment and retake the pre-assessment. In response to the first question, make sure to answer “yes” so that you do not skip the pre-assessment. Alternatively, you can take the full IP assessment. In any case, we advise you to routinely reevaluate your IP needs and take appropriate steps to protect your IP.


Before starting the assessment, please note:

  • Save the link for this page as a favorite/bookmark on your browser.
  • In the “Internet Options” of your browser, deselect/uncheck history on exit. This will allow you to return and resume your assessment session in case you cannot finish it in one sitting. This will also allow you to access your training materials and assessment results at your convenience.
  • As you are answering the assessment questions, choose the answer that best applies to your business or circumstances as an independent inventor or individual. Where applicable, choose all the responses that apply to your situation.
  • Responses or data collected in the assessment are not stored or used by the USPTO or NIST MEP.