Assessment Results

Congratulations! You have completed a customized Intellectual Property (IP) Awareness Assessment. The IP categories included in your assessment were selected based on your response to a pre-assessment.

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Important Notice:
Please note that any information provided here does not constitute legal advice, but is intended to increase your IP awareness. When filing an application for obtaining specific IP rights, it is recommended that you obtain professional legal assistance. The IP Awareness Assessment contains links to external websites. USPTO does not maintain those external sites and is not responsible for the material found therein.

Please note that the training materials and responses to assessment questions provide a general guidance about potential IP in your business and how to protect them. To get specific legal advice on how to best protect your IP rights of any kind, please contact a qualified IP professional. To learn more about the application process or what you may need to do to proceed with obtaining specific rights contact the appropriate office that grants the IP rights.