IP Awareness Assessment

IP Strategies
Design Patents
Trade Secrets
Utility Patents
Using Technology of Others
Licensing Technology to Others
International IP Right
IP Asset Tracking
The pre-assessment, containing five questions covering various types of intellectual property (IP), allows a quick determination of potential IPs of the user and provides an option for a customized IP assessment. The following button takes you to the pre-assessment.
The full assessment, containing ten categories and over sixty questions, is available for assessing awareness about all the aspects of IP. The following button takes you to the full assessment.
Full Assesment

Before starting the assessment, please note:

  • Save the link for this page as a favorite/bookmark on your browser.
  • In the “Internet Options” of your browser, deselect/uncheck history on exit. This will allow you to return and resume your assessment session in case you cannot finish it in one sitting. This will also allow you to access your training materials and assessment results at your convenience.
  • As you are answering the assessment questions, choose the answer that best applies to your business or circumstances as an independent inventor or individual. Where applicable, choose all the responses that apply to your situation.
  • Responses or data collected in the assessment are not stored or used by the USPTO or NIST MEP.